DSVS Toolbox is developed by Dapasoft – Dapa Systems as a freeware tool, as a toolset to help developer with common use tools, especially focused to be easy to use.

This VSIX extension provides tools for Windows apps development, like advanced character map, friendly sqlite manager and create thumbnails logo imagens to standard sizes.
Integrates into Tools menu of Visual Studio IDE, grouped by “DSVS Toolbox” menu.

That was created to our need, but we hope that will be useful to you.

Give us feedback

To questions or informations, please contact Us. Your suggestions will be welcome.


  • CharMap – Good character map, inspects all installed fonts, searches glyphs by unicode name, show zoom options and provide unicode or html codes.
  • Image Apps Crop – Very easy to crop logo image and squared icon image for apps manifest, like UWP that has more than 48 variations to this imagens. Simply inform the two images and click to generate..
  • SqLite Manager – Small and easy SqLite inspector. Allow see database, create a new database and run Sql instructions, with results export option.

More tools will be added with time.

Version notes

To see release notes, visit the extension help page.


This VSIX is free of charge. Maybe in future we’ll open the font code, when the code be mature.

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